The name given is Mohamed Khairil Khairudin. Born on 3rd January 1986 at Ipoh Perak. Currently working at Proton Tanjung Malim Sdn. Bhd as a QA Technician.

As a freelance photographer, capturing meaningful pictures have been part and parcel of his life. The philosophy is that, a good photographer is a photographer who can incorporates meaning values into pictures which have thousands of underlying meanings . In short, “a good picture tells thousand stories, a bad pictures show thousand things”.

Apart from that, Mohamed Khairil has just finished his photography courses from Saiful Nang Academy of Photography (Snap). Saiful Nang is known as the founder of the internationally recognized brand of service, “CandidSyndrome Int.”, which is now has been branched out to Bandar Seri Begawan. His passion in Wedding Photography is deeply regarded and appreciated.

He is also internationally recognized as a focused and determined wedding photographer and has been hired around the globe as a photographer who is the master in the art of capturing moments.

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